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Greenmeister Joost
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Greenmeister is the largest cannabis platform in the Netherlands

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Greenmeister allows its visitors to easily find a coffeeshop (cannabis dispensary) in the Netherlands. Visitors can search by city, name of a product or the name of a coffeeshop. Both coffeeshops and individual products of coffeeshops can be reviewed and rated by users. A lot of the information is being kept up-to-date by users as well; after logging in (with Google, Facebook or Discord) users can edit information like the menu, the openhours or the services. There's also a social aspect built-in: users can add friends and see which products and coffeeshops they recommend or review. Greenmeister is built with Nuxtjs, making use of server side rendering (in universal mode). The app (PWA for iOS and native for Android) also uses Nuxtjs.