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Imre Gera
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Free, fully-featured pomodoro timer with a modern design to maximize your productivity

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AnotherPomodoro is a free open-source pomodoro timer app that helps you boost your productivity with its clean, decluttered design and full customizability. It has multiple timer display styles (traditional [12:34], approximate [13 minutes] and percentage [50%]), an integrated, advanced todo-list, a customizable schedule, lightning speed and above all, it's entirely free of ads, pop-ups, sign-ups and payment requirements. It remembers your settings and tasks so you don't have to reconfigure it every session. It's built to be entirely distraction-free by providing a modern, motivating full-screen experience where every feature can be individually turned on or off so you can fit the app to your own needs. AnotherPomodoro is entirely free and open-source, everyone is welcome to contribute to the development of this app. The app is built with NuxtJS, Tailwind CSS and is deployed as a static website, so no server is involved with your timers and tasks.